Frequently Asked Question


Your presence during the visits is entirely your decision. It’s not required, the only important thing is to give access to your property at the beginning and to be there at the end of cleaning to check the quality of the service and pay to the Contractor.
Contractors for all services on the platform, except “Housemaids” are professional cleaning companies who provide all the necessary professional cleaning supplies.
After the visit is completed, you will receive a feedback form by email. There you can rate the performance of the Contractor from 1 to 10 stars. Fill out the form sincerely to help them understand if the company’s customers are satisfied with their work.
Each Contractor on the platform provides a warranty for quality within 48 hours of performing the service. This is also the period during which the feedback form is active. The warranty applies only to the quality of the provided service and in the event of a complaint, the Contractor revisits you to satisfy the claim. The warranty does not include refunds.
After completing an order through the platform, you will receive an email confirming the details of the reservation as well as the phone number of the company you have selected. Also, you can access the phone number through your dashboard by clicking on the Company’s name.


The booking process is completely online.
Upon successful completion of the order, you receive a confirmation email with details about the booked service. The company will visit you at the selected day and time
You can add additional services to the original one after you have chosen the company, date and time slot. On the next step you see what other services offered by the company you can combine.

Duration and Time slots

The selected time slot shows the start time and the end time of the visit. The team will provide more accurate information about the expected time of completion.
Each company evaluates which team to send for the visit, according to the size of the property and the specifics of the service booked. Usually the team consists of two to four people.

Skip/Change Visits

You can cancel a visit online not later than 18:59 on the previous day. The button to cancel a visit is on your dashboard, if you click it the visit will be cancelled.
You can change the selected date/slot through your dashboard, by clicking on the "Change" button. A schedule of the selected company will be displayed for the selection of another day / slot. Changes can be made not later than 18:59 on the previous day.


The only way to pay for the services at Domestina, except “Housemaids” is cash. You pay directly to the company after the service has been provided. No other payment methods are available.
Yes, the only thing that's required is to click on the "Invoice" checkbox on the payment page, and fill your company details. The invoices are issued by the service provider, not Domestina.